Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Two Halves Of My Brain

If the world were a super market, I would be that kid in the cereal aisle, kicking and screaming that I want "that" cereal. I am at odds with myself lately, and I'm not too sure I like myself right now. Sure I had a burst of creative energy, but when things slow down and you wake up from the coma, you realize you are the only one really buying this crap. I am really starting to wonder if Yummy Cute is meant to be a hobby. I've got great ideas, and they don't seem to be coming out fast enough. I've even notice the blog counter going up, but no one's interested enough to even comment. My quirky personality got me no where, and worse yet, i really thought the clothes would really reach a lot of people and they would like it. Silly me. Please feed the blog pets. :-(

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