Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"Give him a rope, and he turns into a cowboy"

My sweet, loving 4 year old son. The apple of my eye, the man of the house. There was a time we thought he couldn't talk at all. He is now talking, with a noticeable speech impediment. Though he is understood half of the time, I am beginning to hear some things I am truly not appreciating.It started with: "This is my house!" Ok, fine. This is your "Home", but mommy pays the cost to be the boss. But things have been getting out of hand, and again he is understood half of the time.The latest has been: "What is he doing here, why is he in the kitchen?" or "That's it, I'm not talking to you, I'm upset; you're not listening." He says this as he is stone faced, arms crossed, and legs crossed on the couch. I asked him to help me out by cleaning up yesterday and he said: " I don't want to clean up, you clean up." Today I said: "Mommy is tired.", his reply: ''Your always tired.... I'm tired too."
I'm not sure If I should be alarmed by his "male ego" side raring it's ugly head at such an early age. I pictured my boys being gentlemen but firm. Of course I would like for them to be the kind of men who are gentle giants in their households. He is expressing himself a little more than he use to. From what I can understand, he's gaining his own personality.No problem with that, he's just trying to find himself. I will be happy when he finds out I'm in charge.
My three year old is on an eating strike. He's only eating meat. I don't know where this comes from or what it means, but I'm going to have to load up on Pediasure. It's hard enough on a parent to wonder if they are receiving enough nutrient's when children actually eat some of the other groups of food on the food pyramid. He never really was a 'big' boy. It was hard to believe he was a breastfed baby. From what I've been told and what I've seen, they are usually rather healthy looking.
My seventeen month old has no problem with eating, talking back, or breaking furniture, (like my four year old). My sweet baby tries to sweep the floor, voluntarily gives me hugs and kisses, and likes to cuddle with mommy. But! He's a little terror when his brothers are around. Climbing on things and fighting, with a huge smile on his face all the while. when it comes to the three boys together, he rules the nest. Atleast in his eyes.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

"How Clean Is Your House?"

Lately I have been watching a tv show on the BBC network. "How Clean Is Your House?", and I must say I truly enjoy it. Ironically it gives me the "umph" I need to run after my children and pick up through the day. Normally, I'd clean after they're in bed, but that wasn't really working out too well. Some nights I'd pass out from exhaustion, and would save the mess for the next day. But that would only give me more work to do. My oldest son, although 4 years old, thinks it's OK to toss things when he's done with them. The weird thing about it is he doesn't litter outside.
The show consists 2 cleaning ladies and their cleaning crew. They visit the most filthy houses, some in England and some in America, and they analyze the mess. After giving the residence a good talking to, (and I mean a VERY good talking to) they then show them different home made cleaning tricks and help them with creating a schedule for themselves.
"Clean House" is a pretty good show, but this show really gets down to the nitty gritty. I'm not very good with names, but the brunette tells everyone about the little germy's lurking around the house where mold or bacteria may be growing. Yes, this is the good stuff. If only they had an episode on how to keep a clean house with toddlers. (3 to be exact) Their a job in themselves, and juggling feeding them and cleaning up after them is enough to cause a person to consider taking speed. Hmm; I wonder....
Anyhow, I have been really proud of myself lately. I've been trying to keep up with a schedule. You see, I have to pray 5 times a day; so what I have done is have a set of chores for each prayer. Well, the morning prayer doesn't have a chore to it yet. But I'm working on it!! It's coming along. Just last night I found myself cleaning a turtle tank at 11:45pm. I was going to wait until today, but judging by the "sweet" children I have, it would have been a headache. It really needed cleaning, I think I'm going to start feeding him in another area. His food is really causing the water to become putrid. Kind of reminds me of my sons diaper. I think I'll clean the take at night all of the time. It went so fast last night. I wouldn't say smoothly, but definitely fast. "Mr. Turtle" and I had binding time and he seemed happy to have new water.
The boys love "Mr. Turtle". Pretty cool pet to have too. I had the same turtle when I was a teenager. I liked it a lot, and it some what taught me responsibility, so I figured the boys would benefit greatly with having a pet. The way their faces light up during feeding time is priceless. They feel like they are doing something major, and you know what, they are. My little men. My 17 month old likes to climb up on the reading chair next to the bookshelf and peer in the tank. He gets really excited when "Mr. Turtle" starts splashing and eating. When "Mr. Turtle" comes close to the glass, he gets a little startled and takes his hand off of the tank. Someday he'll figure out the turtle can't get to him. Aah, the innocence of childhood.
Well, gotta go. Motherhood calls!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Never can say goodbye

Time and time again we are shocked and some what amazed when a person dies. Subconsciously we know that it is a guarantee that death is eminent, yet it is still seen as some sort of shrouded mystery. But shouldn't this be looked at as a reminder that we are not guaranteed tomorrow? We go to bed expecting to wake up the next morning. We wake in the morning expecting to make it to bed.
The death of Micheal Jackson has had a major effect on the world. The kind of effect that rings that constant saying of, "here today, gone tomorrow", in your head. As all deaths, it wasn't expected. I'm not quite sure if that's why it had such a major effect; I think it's more over that there was no warning. Maybe a well known sickness of a public declining health. Or some sort of car accident, where he lingered for a while. People were not expecting to hear " Micheal Jackson has been rushed to the hospital." then hear, " Micheal Jackson has passed away."
Things happening so quickly, are not easy to comprehend. There is shock, a feeling of disbelief, and then realization. So people aren't surprised THAT he died, more so when and how. He performed like he would go on forever. Delivering comfort that he would always be around to sing what so many people may feel. Always giving amusement of entertainment with the lavish, controversial, and humours life he lived. An entertainer in his own right and class. No one had the ability to deliver the magic that Micheal Jackson brought to the entertainment business. There was finally flesh given to Peter Pan as the boy who never grew up.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


I have come to realize that my life is in a state of utter chaos at the moment. There is no organization what so ever. I tried the whole poster board thing, making a schedule; putting up rules; but lets face it, it's hardly ever used. Things are so out of whack, I have been feeling like a complete loser lately. Nothings working out right. It seems as though if anything good happens, it's not to me. Then I stoop into the whole feeling of "You're so ungrateful, unappreciative, and immature.", that's when I start to feel like a loser.
On top of those issues, I'm not taking very good care of myself. I haven't been to the doctors in a long time. I have a bad back, and have not been formally diagnosed with diabetes. I've been rushed to the hospital and have had issues with my sugar, but each time they tell me to follow up with my doctor I never get around to doing it. I look around and it seems like every other mom has things all together. Sure, we've all got our own problems, but I'm so alone. I never actually say anything to my friends because I don't want to seem desperate. It's not like I get enough time for myself anyhow to be with someone. My children have needs 24 hours a day, and I want to make sure those needs are met, and are met correctly.
For now, I'll just have to return to the schedule I have posted on my wall, and enforce the rules better. Looking up new activities shouldn't be a problem. At least I shouldn't run into any problems if the kids co-operate with me. Well; here goes nothing!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Little Babies

Well; I skipped a day of entry. Not that I didn't WANT to make my blog interesting, but due to medical reasons, I was just flat out too worn out to write. My 3 year old and 17month old have been severely burned by theirs pull-ups. "By their pull-ups, are you insane?!" No, not in this department. I'm guessing due to a shipping accident, a chemical was spilled on the package which in turn seeped onto the pull-ups. My 17 month old was more burned than my 3year old. My 3 year old only has to wear pull-ups at night so the burns only reached his buttocks. My 17 month old on the other hand, has burns reaching from his buttocks to his side, around the front, on his penis and testicles. He now has new skin growing and the dead skin is falling off in chunks. He's starting to come around, but since I thought he only had a diaper rash, I didn't know that for the past bit of days he was withdrawn because of chemical burning.
He was taken to the doctors today, and the doctor said it was the worse incident of a diaper causing injury. I am more so in shock at the sight of it. I know things LOOK worse as they get better, But I've got to tell ya, I am pretty ticked off. My mind is cluttered with everyday things, including up-coming appointments and events. Where are the TV shows for the single parents? I know the public are amazed about multiple births and things; but I say going at it alone is a tough job too. Why isn't anyone amazed by that? Is it done so often that it's not considered a major feat? I don't know, not having a good day that's for sure. So here is how I feel (in blog terms): Blah,Blah,Blah,Blah....

Sunday, June 21, 2009

First Entry

Hi there. I guess a proper introduction is in order since I have no idea what the password is to my old blog. It was heart breaking to have to start a new one. Well there is loads to blog about so, I guess it goes with the old saying, "Things happen for a reason." There is a lot more to write about now.
As a single mother of three boys, life sure has gotten interesting. This is definitely one situation my laid back personality and humorous wit can not help me. Just when I think I have a handle on things; my 4 year old, 3 year old, and 17 month old will kindly make me feel as though I am one of the children. Kind of a "who is in more control of this situation than who?", type of thing.
Oh sure, we tell ourselves as adults,"I am in control; I will not let this toddler make me upset; lose my voice; cause me hair loss; make me wake in the middle of the night, thinking I heard a toddler crying; put the remote to my ear and try to change the channel with my phone....ect.", but time and time again, we are surprised with every new attempt of our children "exploring" life. All the while, we are being driven crazy by someone with a license to do so.
I must say I have grown to love it. So much so, I have converted part of the living room into a classroom; class pet turtle and all. My children are actually in a Headstart program, but why stop there I aways say. Home school doesn't necessarily have to mean fully home schooled right? I can go to the same websites that teachers and full time home schoolers go to, and make learning fun. For the past school year I have been trying to dedicate my time to "getting my hands dirty". Meaning, if the kids get the urge to have a giggling fit, I join in. Wrestling matches have never been more fun.
Communication has definitely become a strong asset to our household. I've tried talking more in a stern, no nonsense, type of voice to help them understand that there is a difference between play time and serious time, and a time and place for certain actions.It's never too early to learn about boundaries. My children can typically tell when I am displeased with them, so here are the signs that someone is about to go on a 4,3, or 1 minute "vacation": 1) The look. This is letting them know I am not happy. 2) I verbally enforce the order. and 3) Sent on a little vacation to a place called time out.
Why so many steps? Because now I don't have to suffer the "mommy guilt". I gave enough warning that I was not pleased with what was going on, so I don't feel I've over reacted. Depending on the severity of what was going on. If there is something dangerous happening, I may need to yell or a generous pop on the back of the hand, will send the message that the act was definitely unacceptable.
Well; that's my appetizer for more entries to come. I invite any guest to come along with me on this wild ride. It is most certainly fun and rarely boring. Even during the darkest hours of a bad economy, and feelings of doubt, memories can still be made. So here's to parents and the little balls of energy that follow us all.