Monday, October 24, 2011

Out Numbered, and Sometimes Outdone

Every now and again, I just want to retaliate against insensitive adults by causing them bodily harm. A friend of mines was expressing herself about the nerve of some adults, asking what's "wrong" with your child. I can definitely relate, there were times when I wanted scream, "THIS IS SPARTA!", and then "BOOM", give them a leg upper cut they wouldn't believe. Let's try to keep in mind folks, that I am usually a non-violent person, who just want to be understood,but when it comes to my childrens emotional well being, then I have to MAKE people understand. You can either try to be understanding of what's going on, or you can be a factor removed from our lives for good. Let's be honest, most people have those friends who are around just for gaining information's sake. You can tell these friends by certain things they say; sarcasm with a side of annoyance in their voice. I once was friends with someone, who through our friendship, was seriously annoyed with the fact that we debated a lot. It was only in hind sight did I remember some of the things she use to say to me, like "I feel like you look down on me" or " I sit back and listen to you complain all of the time, and there are people with nothing". That last statement came on the day that my second born was going to live with his father, and I was broken up about it. I could have very well complained that her timing was terrible, and me asking her is she ok, was not looking down on her. The truth is, some people really don't want to be your friend. Maybe your just who is available in that time in their life; just someone to help them pass the time. One thing I have had to learn to do, is accept people how they are, and treat them accordingly. My friend who was venting about people asking her is something wrong with her son, has to understand who is around just to gain information. Then she will have eliminated those kinds of questions being asked. I myself am not perfect, and I am also not a "yes man", and I don't hold anything against anyone. I'll remember things said and done but I pretty much don't take things personal. Doing that burns bridges.

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