Saturday, December 17, 2011

Don't Leave Me Folks!

Very busy day; so busy, in fact I have nothing to write on account of being tired. Insha Allah, I'll write some important things down, and post it tomorrow. Night night.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Who Am I?

I woke up this morning feeling completely lost. My day started to screams in the hallway, of daily bickering. "Stop Fatboy! Momma!Momma!" (Other kid) "Shut up!". In my moment of trying to be awake, and take advantage of some unbothered time, I've realized: you just can't fake sleeping. The boys could have cared less if I were awake, in a coma, or road kill in the a.m.. It's either I better get up, or send out an S.O.S. for someone else to take the wheel. I broke out into a rage about the house not being what it use to be, and how I've completely lost it. Called up my Doc. and made an appointment to be seen on Tuesday. I rambled on partially incoherently about things I don't even remember right now, and while this is going on the boys are scattering like mad. Every thought completely annoyed me; like the fact that my cell phone has been missing around the house for a week now. It died while missing so there is no use calling it. The kids didn't like dinner tonight, and I didn't care; and telling them how fortunate they are didn't work, and I still didn't care. I'm on to their little plan: protest dinner and then I'll have child services to worry about. Well no sir you won't! I'll bribe,beg, and even disguise for you to eat those veggies! One little 7 year old ingrate protested, and when I told him he had no choice he said, "But mom, I'm completely broke!". Ya Allah! It is a cesspool of corruption in this house! Is there anyone in here on the straight and narrow, who doesn't bribe? I admit, I promise them things over a clean room, or finished school work, but I consider these rewards. Why in the world is my 7 year old trying to bribe me with cash for veggies? It's like a nightmare of some scene where he's slipping a crisp 1 dollar greenback under the table for some goods. Argh! What have we become! I'm so confused right now, I don't know whether to give rewards or make them do things on account of just because I said so. Kidnappers:10 Mom:5

Worth The Money

I'm on kindle! Just click those beautifully highlighted words. I must say, I think this blog is atleast worth $.99. Where else are you going to find such organised insanity? Come on people! Laugh with me, cry with me, pray with me, go crazy with me, but for the most part, raise some kids with me. LOL

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

One Fish, Two Fish, Dead Fish, Dead Turtle

Pardon if I am in the middle of a rant, but I bought my sons three fish today. They are a fish, a fish, and a fish (For lack of remembering their proper names), and the whole drive home I worried if our turtle Habil would like them. I didn't know that I should have been more concerned with tiny humans, who have an interesting way of showing they care. I would ponder on thoughts such as, "What was he thinking?", but that's exactly what he wants me to do. The diabolical mind games of these kids never cease. After coming and introducing pets to one another, "Turtle, fish; fish, turtle", I got a kick out of watching so much activity going on, that I stood there for a while smiling. Habil finally has friends to play with! Well it turns out that I am NOT the only one the kids are trying to kill in this house. I'd finished up some projects, shipped off an order, and closed a deal, when suddenly I found a mess in the kitchen. I yelled for my oldest to clean it up that instant, then told him to go to his room. While giving him a lecture of a life time, my eyes shifted suddenly to a tank that looked as though it were filled with pink water. To my horror, someone had dumped the whole bottle of fish food in! In a rage I threatend the kids with no toys, no t.v., no dessert, no reward stickers, no shoes, no shirt, no service. Yeah, I was that angry. Saying "no" just felt that good at the time. I still have a few "No's" up my sleeve, it just kind of comes out when they ask for things. LOL, what a rant. ‘Qadr Allahu wa Masha Fa’al’ (Allah has decreed it and what He willed has happened) Oh the emotional woman I am.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Worshipping Through Decor

The urge to redecorate has hit me, so I am on the hunt for more beneficial home decor. For a long time I have loved the whole natural look; plants, fruit, veggies, a nice coffee motif etc. Just natural things that represent me, with colors that are calming. Although these things represent how I like to relax, it does not represent how I worship.Insha Allah, this is about to change, I've been on the internet ordering and searching, and I feel moved already before anything gets here insha Allah. Out of everything, there is a piece of wall art that has the 99 attributes of Allah (SWT) on it. I think I love it so much, (besides the fact that the 99 attributes of my lord are on it) because there is not a lot going on in the art. It's sophisticatedly fashioned with the attributes hand written on the leather like material. I think it's just beautiful.Of course on my quest to redecorate, insha Allah, I will post more gems that I find along the net, and of course I am always open to ideas.

An Almost Forgotten Entry

On Dec. 1st, my eldest son turned 7 years old, so on the night of Nov. 30th I decided to explain to him he would be turning another year. Here is our conversation, in detail: Me: "Insha Allah son tomorrow you will be turning another year older. Insha Allah you'll be 7!" My son: "Tomorrow!" Me: "Insha Allah, yes!" My son: "I'll be 7?!" Me: "Insha Allah, yes!" My son: "I'm getting married!" Me: "Ye....wha....No! Turning 7 is a really big step, because it means you're older and you can make some decisions for yourself. When you're much older, and you have a job, you can find a wife and take care of your family." My son: "Oh." So the next morning, as I stared at my ceiling from bed, trying to muster the strength to get up, I heard a conversation out in the hall. It went something like this: My oldest son: "Ya know I'm 7 now. I'm about to get married, and have some kids, so I've got to find a job so I can take care of my family." My second son: "Oh." Ever since this day my oldest feels a strong urge to bark orders, and have been a bit more prideful. Insha Allah, the next time anyone meets any age milestones I will have to have an in depth conversation. Maybe something along the lines of; "Now you can get your own food when we go to the buffet."

Friday, December 9, 2011

Autism and Sensory Stimuli

While on the net looking for some great educational toys, I ran into an app that I use on my phone. Now I am not sure about other phone apps, but this is a great app for Android on teaching your children du'ah's (supplications to our lord). I must say this is The Best I've Tried Thus Far It doesn't get any easier for a child than this. My son has already began to learn some, Al-humdulillah (All praises are to God)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

An All Time Boogeyman

Fear. On my quest in teaching my children about Shaytaan (Satan), I am also teaching them about correct fear. Time and time again, when they have done something they should not be doing, (such as talking back to their mother) I tell them to fear their lord. Now, in knowing my now 7 year old, I know this is something he is going to probably have a field day questioning me about. So here is my take on how to explain this to my son, who feels he should be informed of basically everything. When I was a little girl, I was picked on badly by my grandmothers next door neighbors daughter. She was a girl about the same age as I, but she was bigger than me. Not because she was a big girl; you see, I was just the size of a toothpick. Anyhow, she got a kick out scratching my face up, so much so, that I still have a scratch mark this very day under my left eye. One day while we were outside "playing", she started up again. I don't really remember how it started, the only thing I remember was my face feeling as if it were on fire. "Ahhhhhhh, grandmoooooooom! Ahhhhhh!", tears stung my face and made it hurt worse, which made me cry more, which made it hurt even more; and so on. When my grandmother had come to the door and saw my face, and already had an understanding of what was going on, she said, "You hit her back!" I forgot about the pain for a split second, because I thought grandmom had finally lost it. She wanted me to take on this "big" girl? She instantly, in her grandmotherly wisdom, knew that was something I did not want to do at all. So she then said, "If you don't hit her, I'm going to hit you!" Woah! What a predicament, I suddenly had to make a somewhat executive decision. So I took the lighter sentence and slapped her dead across her cheek. For "some reason" after that she didn't bother me anymore. It was a moment I didn't realize that I had stood up for myself. So, I tell this story, because we have to fight the shaytaan back for all of his evil deeds he has in mind, or suffer the consiquences of punishment from our Lord. From my own experience, it's better to defend yourself rather than conform to what is wrong. If we remember that shaytaan has someone to answer to also, then we will find no reason to listen to the wispers of his calling. Why be afraid of a middle man, right?