Friday, October 14, 2011

An Old Friend Found

In my mission to create a more organised life, I've decided to find an old friend who made a huge difference in my life. This friend probably had/has no idea what she really means to me. A true friend holds many definitions in the eyes of the beholder. Some people are considered a close or special friends because when the chips were down, they were there for you. You have your friend who saved your life, and there for you feel thankful for them. But what about the friend who took part in you being the exact person you needed to be. And I say needed to be because, some of us just "are". Our potential could be so much greater, but our lack of understanding what we are capable of, is our down fall. Sure, I could have sailed through life being just the charming person that I am, but I'm more then charming. How can you pay back the person who took your beliefe system higher? Where do you began to say "thank you for the lift", because that boost brought you to a new level. I don't feel true friends are made through a time of distress, but from a time of growth. Because let's face it, who we are shapes the adults our children will be, insha Allah (english: God willing). I guess what I am trying to say is, you need a friend who is going to make you a better you. Not even the friend that saved your life is guaranteed to make you a better you. Or the friend that was there when the chips were down. In fact, some "friends" who are present during these ordeals, have their own hidden agenda. So hold dear the friends who teach you, help you, and pass no judgement while doing it, for they are the friend with no court room to penalise you. To my friend Jenine Carroll, thanks for all of the times you didn't scream out, "You're doing it all wrong dumby!". It sure was fun.

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