Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I've began drowning, and I feel like a complete failure. How does it turn out that one has all of the tools and the know how to do something great, and then it just flops? I'll tell ya how, it's just not my time I guess. Allahu Ailum, (God knows best) starting the company and juggling the boys and hubby, is a lot. Some days I feel like I can do it, other days I am not so confident. I won't be promoting anymore, but I have decided to leave the store open. I figured, I'd get to work at my own pace and still own my business. Well, we'll see how this goes insha Allah. I've got pics of some interesting things the kids and I have been up to; coming up in my next post.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Come On In We're Open!

I've noticed in my last post I'd mentioned my Etsy store, but left no link. So here she is; I'm letting the flood gates open: Since I've been working on marketing, I haven't really had time to work on anything. Between marketing and making orders, I haven't even had time for myself :-S. Anyhow, if you've seen something you like, this is the place to start purchasing things. I hope you like, and don't be afraid to drop me a message.

Monday, May 7, 2012


Yes, I have been a busy Bee; but it's all for a good cause. I've been setting up youtube videos, etsy store, keeping up with my face book crowd, fitting in work, and even keeping the household afloat. Well, for lack of a better description, I am fit to pass out. But, before I do, I am going to attack you with a bunch of visual updates:

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I Want America Back!!!

As a person with lineage that reaches as far back as the Cherokee Native Americans , I feel even more embarrassed by the actions of the hate crimes commited towards muslims. I was raised and bred to believe that WE (as Americans) had the answers for the correct way to live after a history of bloodshed. I am now seeing that we are just better at concealing injustice. That is a far more frightful thing to know. When ever I read comments on most sites, it is much more depressing than the news itself. So to all of you who hate muslims, lets start stating facts: Muslims have been here centuries before 9/11 and have grown in numbers since then, even your own people; why don't you start living by the very things you claimed made you better than every other country. You have baited people to this country with your claims of hospitality, and have tortured those who believe in you enough to have come here. The worse trick the devil ever played, was trying to convince the world he doesn't exist.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Who Are We Now?

I have to say, not only am I awe struck at the incident involving Trayvon Martin, I am disgusted at some comments that I see on yahoo and the likes. What on earth is wrong with us in the U.S.? What have we become? Even more scary, how long have we been filled with rage since the END of segregation? To think that we have gone around blowing countries to smitherines, telling people how to run their country and treating them uncivilized; it is now time for America to take a long hard look at it's self. We need to clean our own back yard!! Who the heck do we think we are! How dare we accuse everyone else as being uncivil,and we can clearly act like a bunch of animals. I challenge our government to publicly compare the U.S. murder rate to the countries they have deemed unfit. And let's see what gives us the right to judge. Between this Trayvon Martin incident and our little Afghanistan stunt, we are looking like a bunch of baby killers!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

I Am Trayvon Martin!

I care for him; and no, I don't know him.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!

So, I gave out a gang of business cards, and the blogs web address is on them. I then realized that if I am going to send clients to the blog, I better have something to show for. SO, here we go! I'm going to bombard you with all of my pics at one time:

Date Night!

Insha Allah,if you have been keeping up with my facebook profile, you will know that two lovely gentlemen took me out on a date. They were the sweetest, most gentlest men I have ever met. Right up until dessert; some how they each caught a sugar rush that was very unexpected. Yes folks I am talking about kidnapper 1 and 2. Three was being babysat by the hubbby just upstairs. Our evening started out so simple, we arrived at Juan Carlos Fine Cusine restaurant a bit early; I made sure to explain that we had arrived earlier than our reservations because the boys had kung fu class. No problem. We were seated and I was so overjoyed that the boys had inherited some of my charming table etiquette in keeping their elbows off of the table, chewing with their mouths closed, and even showing me how the fork and the knife is held during cutting. Was I impressed, absolutely; proud even. I invisioned bragging to family and friends, and even beamed about how the waitresses gushed over their refined behavior. And then dessert came; a pleasant cup of ice cream and whipped cream. So simple yet delicious, it was the perfect ending to a beautiful/wonderful dinner. First, my oldest son whom showed so much potential for male finishing school, got the giggles. Something and everything tickled him pink suddenly, and his brother wasn't far behind. They broke out into laughs, and out of no where began to want to salsa; and then they did get up and salsa! He then declared he wanted to salsa for the waitress. Now in the back of your mind, you've probably thought I sat quietly and let the poor boys run rampant in the restaurant, (which I should probably add, is pretty upscale), but no I commanded them to sit down and just continue to enjoy their ice cream. Idiot! How stupid of me not to realize it was the ice cream, when a few years back, my second born had a major sugar rush. It went on until I finally explained to the waitress what was happening. She thought it was just the cutest thing, and they yolked it all up. They began to become cheeky, and before I knew it, I was praying for the check. It came, I paid, we got the heck out of their, spilling on to the side walk. Oh great, we're up for kung fu class. Going straight from the restaurant, down the street, to the kung fu dojo, the boys ran the whole time, and burst through the door. Their were some kids having a good time bouncing happily on a trampoline,and then these guys showed up screaming and running around the whole gym. We got through Kung fu, and went home. We went through our evening routine, and now I shall pass out into a very short coma! Good night!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Special Thanks

I need to sincerely thank my hubby. You've become so much apart of me, losing you would be like losing one of my senses. I'm so lonely when you're not around, and I feel so blessed to have you. Our fairytale beginning turned out to not have an ending, Al-humdulillah, insha Allah that means our story will continue for all eternity. Although we are weary travelers on the road to Jannah, the reward is too great to turn around and the adventurer in us say's: "Go for it!". Your my best friend because you are the best at reminding me of the straight path and push me to continue to do whats right. When I want to cry, when I want to shout, and even when I want to have a mini nervous break down, you give me that time to be an absolutely insane woman. Thank you so much for witnessing my hard times, when others have only heard. I appreciate your patience, your ability to be just as crazy as I am. And most of all, when I asked if we could put a slide in on the second set of stairs at the house, you looked at me with an unjudging look and said, "Insha Allah, sure." LOL
I love you honey, thanks for being you so I can actually and finally be me in my hardest and best days.

That Burning Sensation

I would just like to start off by apologizing for my absence...."Sorry". Ok, so now that the tough part is out of the way, I would like to continue on blogging like the neglect never happened, insha Allah. Getting YummyCute ClothingLine started proved tough on my already fragile emotions. I can honestly say that there has been literal blood, sweat and tears going into starting a business. Suddenly this overwhelming feeling of wanting to push myself took over, and before I knew it, I had a job. Not just any job you see, I work for myself. That feels pretty good too, masha Allah. Sure, sometimes the personality of a perfectionist takes over, but thats fine; good quality work is what takes businesses a long way. I honestly have to give a few shout outs here too, because along with to start my own business, I've had huge support Al-humdulillah. Thank you mom, you've stuck through one crazy idea after another LOL; mom June your support is so cherished, you always give me your honest opinion and always willingly give advice, thanks mom June; cousin Jamillah, with enough yelling and screaming at me to get myself together and go for it, I went for it LOL; Hanifa Cesar, Krystal Poynter & Umme Zahid, my first customers who were so patient that I pray to our Lord everyday that he rewards you all so greatly, ameen; Aunt Delores and Aunt Shirley you too continue to push a crazy lady on, that only has convinced me that you all truly believe in me, Thank you so very much. If anyone reads this, and I have forgotten you, please let me know, I would never forget someone on purpose. Now! On to what I have been so busy doing: sewing like a mad woman! In fact, 1 Of 3 things happened last night: 1) Lack of sleep is taking it's toll. 2) I've completely gone insane (Hubby says I can't go some place I'm alright at :-P) or 3) My sewing machine caught fire. I've been smelling a burning scent for about a week every now and again while sewing. Last night I finally jumped up like a mad woman and screamed, "Ya Allah! Something on this thing is on fire!". It could have been the absence of smoke, or my childrens understanding that their mother loss some of her marbles long ago, but no one panicked. I've done surgery (taken her apart) and cleaned her out good, what on earth is burning. Ha! I guess I'm too much for the machine! Up all night, wake up early in the morning, MI VIDA LOCA!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Working Through Hard Times

Ok,ok,ok....I have been a horrible blogger. Now, in my defense, I would like to not only say that I have been a little down, But I have also been busy. We're talking good busy here too. I have suddenly become a crafter! I heard a rumor long ago, that once you began to sew, you'll become a crafter. I said,"Oh no, not me! You're crazy, those are for women with a "white picket fence" life. No way would I have the time....well the foot in my mouth taste horrible. And now, I am going to shower you with a barrage of pics to show you just how busy I have been:
Thank you and have a nice day!! Oh! P.S. If anyones interested in anything, just leave a comment! I'm pretty well mannered.