Monday, October 17, 2011

Meatball In The Morning

The title of this post in no way at all have anything to do with eating. My three year old has started assuming that school is every single day of the week. If he were old enough to wake himself up, I'd have no problem with this if I'd had a nanny, but he isn't and I don't have one. Ironically today is Monday, and he wanted to sleep in. They never fail to prove to me just how right I am about them; they're trying to kill me. Well think about it, it's the perfect crime; no finger prints, no flat out motive, and the sweet innocent faces with mouths that just say, "I'm just a kid." Yeah I'm on to them, even the shady remarks. Lately my oldest son has been walking around saying, "This house is filled with booby traps at night!" Now I don't know if it's a heads up or something, or his usual sarcastic way of saying pick up things on the floor, but I know there is a meaning behind it. But even the "stuff" on the floor isn't mines, it's theirs. It's their toy cars, their action figures, and their clothes, and lately my sanity. You know it's insanity, when your hubby lifts a produce bag full of peppers and garlic, out of the kitchen utensil drawer. Did I WANT them to go bad, heck no, but my brain told me to put it in there because I was putting groceries away, and storing dishes. If I could find out for the life of me, what the heck some mothers are taking to keep everything so nice and neat while parenting and homeschooling, I'd start selling stuff in the house just to get a hit. I've had dreams of being a t.v. show mom, but when the kids were younger and I had breast milk stained t-shirts as apparel, I wanted to sue t.v. itself for false advertisement. (Is that possible? Hmmmmm....) T.v. never told me, that everything I buy should be insured, it never gave warning that I would suffer with losing so much sleep, and where was the heads up that I would start to shop for comfort and not style? I think that all mothers should be able to have, a national meltdown day. It's only fair right? I want to kick and scream sometimes. I want to make demands in a whiney and annoying voice; dang nabbit I want to jump on their prized possessions. I'm just dreaming, I know that's probably not going to happen, I'd sooner get an all expense paid vacation before that happens. I guess now I'll just continue to suffer "silently", and have late night butter almond ice cream. Feed the pets please, it's not their fault their owner's insane.


  1. I admire your writing skills, and I love the style of your page now (the colors, pattern, etc.) It makes me feel warm and cuddly right now.


  2. Awwww shucks, I'm blushing now. LOL Thanks for stopping by. More Adventure to come.