Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I Have My Super Mom Badge Back!

I am proud to annouce, that I not only cooked a full meal, (not a chef-boyardi night), but I attended a twitter party for homeschoolers! Can someone say, "Super MOM!". Woo-Hoo!! Things like this make me feel like I can really do it. Homeschooling my boys feels so natural to me; sure at times I feel like school may be better, but when I see those grades and the therapist say they've noticed improvements since homeschooling, it's worth it. The freedom we have is priceless, and that is something no school building can provide. Free learning seems so new, yet it's the oldest form of education there is. Talk about having to get back to your roots! Now to my twitter party, I have to say a huge thank you to Hip Homeschool Mom! I had no idea what to expect, let's face it I am your typical abscent minded professor with things. Another thing that struck me, was the fact that, here I am a muslim, and a whole party of mothers of different religions, treated me like I was a human being. Al-humdulillah. I think what brings us together, is the yearning for bringing morality into our childrens lives, before this cold, cold world teaches them something different. We all pretty much want the same things: for our children to worship our creater, be well mannered, help the needy, understand brotherhood/sisterhood, be kind to all with no reservations, and to get married someday to continue the cycle. Amazing, some people say diferences seperate us, but I say "For you is your religion, and for me is my religion."- Last Ayat of Surah Al Khafirun

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