Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Boy's Passion

Skateboard day 9/11/2011
Giving the thumbs up to show that he's ready!
Going for the platform and getting photographed. A real celebrity.
Walking up the hill looking a little disappointed.
Getting a pep talk from his little brother: "You can do it Phatboi!"
Skateboard Day 9/11/2010 A clear sign he was getting too big for his old board.
Yeah....Isma'eel didn't like it too much last year. So, that's my boy's passion, my oldest anyway. Al-humdulillah, (english: all praises to God) my boys always proves the "professionals" wrong. When I first found out my boys were on the spectrum, I didn't expect much out of them. There were days when I felt completely defeated, and wanted nothing more than to just medicate them. But I sat back and thought about it, and I said to myself, "That's not the answer you idiot!". The answer was something that Allah (SWT) put naturally in me. A bunch of drugs that just makes the issues bearable, is not the answer. I am so thankful to Allah (SWT) that I never put them on the drugs. When the topic use to come up, I remember responding apologetically, but I had to really knock myself in the head and think, "Wait a minute Doc., so what you're saying is, my kids are going to be drugged AND have Autism?" *Cricket Cricket* "I'll take the drug free Autism, thank you very much." Hey what can I say, facts are facts. Feed the pets please!


  1. They are really handsome young men...where did they get their looks from...I love seeing both sets of pictures together, and I love the one of Booti giving Phatboi the pep talk...


  2. LOL Hey lady, you just gave yourself away. I'll be sure to tell them that Mima is their number one fan!