Sunday, October 30, 2011


The weekend was crappy! That is until Sunday, today was just ok. I found out I am addicted to coffee, which is something that is a complete surprise to me, had it not been for the headache in the back of my head I would still be in the dark. Anyhow, the weekend was horrible because we suffered two blackouts in the span of two days in a row. The first time was friday evening at around 9:30pm or 10:00pm, we didn't reagin power until 11:30 am the next morning. That was a short lived victory; at about 5:45pm the electric went back out. The power, this time, wasn't restored until the middle of the night; I don't know, I was in a coma by then. All I know is that PECO energy has some serious explaining to do, I am sick of losing power! In all of the places I have lived, I have never experienced so many black outs. Angry? Yes. Optimistic? Absolutely not, I have no faith in my energy company what so ever. Can't keep the electric on, and quick to make threats if you're running a little late on payment. Ya know what really grinds my gears, is that I pay my bill every month, which is considered reliable, and I still get threats. Well forget you PECO! (Yes, another vent night, sorry.)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Looooonnnnnnnng Day

Sorry blog....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....feed blog pets please.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I Have My Super Mom Badge Back!

I am proud to annouce, that I not only cooked a full meal, (not a chef-boyardi night), but I attended a twitter party for homeschoolers! Can someone say, "Super MOM!". Woo-Hoo!! Things like this make me feel like I can really do it. Homeschooling my boys feels so natural to me; sure at times I feel like school may be better, but when I see those grades and the therapist say they've noticed improvements since homeschooling, it's worth it. The freedom we have is priceless, and that is something no school building can provide. Free learning seems so new, yet it's the oldest form of education there is. Talk about having to get back to your roots! Now to my twitter party, I have to say a huge thank you to Hip Homeschool Mom! I had no idea what to expect, let's face it I am your typical abscent minded professor with things. Another thing that struck me, was the fact that, here I am a muslim, and a whole party of mothers of different religions, treated me like I was a human being. Al-humdulillah. I think what brings us together, is the yearning for bringing morality into our childrens lives, before this cold, cold world teaches them something different. We all pretty much want the same things: for our children to worship our creater, be well mannered, help the needy, understand brotherhood/sisterhood, be kind to all with no reservations, and to get married someday to continue the cycle. Amazing, some people say diferences seperate us, but I say "For you is your religion, and for me is my religion."- Last Ayat of Surah Al Khafirun

Monday, October 24, 2011

Out Numbered, and Sometimes Outdone

Every now and again, I just want to retaliate against insensitive adults by causing them bodily harm. A friend of mines was expressing herself about the nerve of some adults, asking what's "wrong" with your child. I can definitely relate, there were times when I wanted scream, "THIS IS SPARTA!", and then "BOOM", give them a leg upper cut they wouldn't believe. Let's try to keep in mind folks, that I am usually a non-violent person, who just want to be understood,but when it comes to my childrens emotional well being, then I have to MAKE people understand. You can either try to be understanding of what's going on, or you can be a factor removed from our lives for good. Let's be honest, most people have those friends who are around just for gaining information's sake. You can tell these friends by certain things they say; sarcasm with a side of annoyance in their voice. I once was friends with someone, who through our friendship, was seriously annoyed with the fact that we debated a lot. It was only in hind sight did I remember some of the things she use to say to me, like "I feel like you look down on me" or " I sit back and listen to you complain all of the time, and there are people with nothing". That last statement came on the day that my second born was going to live with his father, and I was broken up about it. I could have very well complained that her timing was terrible, and me asking her is she ok, was not looking down on her. The truth is, some people really don't want to be your friend. Maybe your just who is available in that time in their life; just someone to help them pass the time. One thing I have had to learn to do, is accept people how they are, and treat them accordingly. My friend who was venting about people asking her is something wrong with her son, has to understand who is around just to gain information. Then she will have eliminated those kinds of questions being asked. I myself am not perfect, and I am also not a "yes man", and I don't hold anything against anyone. I'll remember things said and done but I pretty much don't take things personal. Doing that burns bridges.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Boy's Passion

Skateboard day 9/11/2011
Giving the thumbs up to show that he's ready!
Going for the platform and getting photographed. A real celebrity.
Walking up the hill looking a little disappointed.
Getting a pep talk from his little brother: "You can do it Phatboi!"
Skateboard Day 9/11/2010 A clear sign he was getting too big for his old board.
Yeah....Isma'eel didn't like it too much last year. So, that's my boy's passion, my oldest anyway. Al-humdulillah, (english: all praises to God) my boys always proves the "professionals" wrong. When I first found out my boys were on the spectrum, I didn't expect much out of them. There were days when I felt completely defeated, and wanted nothing more than to just medicate them. But I sat back and thought about it, and I said to myself, "That's not the answer you idiot!". The answer was something that Allah (SWT) put naturally in me. A bunch of drugs that just makes the issues bearable, is not the answer. I am so thankful to Allah (SWT) that I never put them on the drugs. When the topic use to come up, I remember responding apologetically, but I had to really knock myself in the head and think, "Wait a minute Doc., so what you're saying is, my kids are going to be drugged AND have Autism?" *Cricket Cricket* "I'll take the drug free Autism, thank you very much." Hey what can I say, facts are facts. Feed the pets please!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Meatball In The Morning

The title of this post in no way at all have anything to do with eating. My three year old has started assuming that school is every single day of the week. If he were old enough to wake himself up, I'd have no problem with this if I'd had a nanny, but he isn't and I don't have one. Ironically today is Monday, and he wanted to sleep in. They never fail to prove to me just how right I am about them; they're trying to kill me. Well think about it, it's the perfect crime; no finger prints, no flat out motive, and the sweet innocent faces with mouths that just say, "I'm just a kid." Yeah I'm on to them, even the shady remarks. Lately my oldest son has been walking around saying, "This house is filled with booby traps at night!" Now I don't know if it's a heads up or something, or his usual sarcastic way of saying pick up things on the floor, but I know there is a meaning behind it. But even the "stuff" on the floor isn't mines, it's theirs. It's their toy cars, their action figures, and their clothes, and lately my sanity. You know it's insanity, when your hubby lifts a produce bag full of peppers and garlic, out of the kitchen utensil drawer. Did I WANT them to go bad, heck no, but my brain told me to put it in there because I was putting groceries away, and storing dishes. If I could find out for the life of me, what the heck some mothers are taking to keep everything so nice and neat while parenting and homeschooling, I'd start selling stuff in the house just to get a hit. I've had dreams of being a t.v. show mom, but when the kids were younger and I had breast milk stained t-shirts as apparel, I wanted to sue t.v. itself for false advertisement. (Is that possible? Hmmmmm....) T.v. never told me, that everything I buy should be insured, it never gave warning that I would suffer with losing so much sleep, and where was the heads up that I would start to shop for comfort and not style? I think that all mothers should be able to have, a national meltdown day. It's only fair right? I want to kick and scream sometimes. I want to make demands in a whiney and annoying voice; dang nabbit I want to jump on their prized possessions. I'm just dreaming, I know that's probably not going to happen, I'd sooner get an all expense paid vacation before that happens. I guess now I'll just continue to suffer "silently", and have late night butter almond ice cream. Feed the pets please, it's not their fault their owner's insane.

Friday, October 14, 2011

An Old Friend Found

In my mission to create a more organised life, I've decided to find an old friend who made a huge difference in my life. This friend probably had/has no idea what she really means to me. A true friend holds many definitions in the eyes of the beholder. Some people are considered a close or special friends because when the chips were down, they were there for you. You have your friend who saved your life, and there for you feel thankful for them. But what about the friend who took part in you being the exact person you needed to be. And I say needed to be because, some of us just "are". Our potential could be so much greater, but our lack of understanding what we are capable of, is our down fall. Sure, I could have sailed through life being just the charming person that I am, but I'm more then charming. How can you pay back the person who took your beliefe system higher? Where do you began to say "thank you for the lift", because that boost brought you to a new level. I don't feel true friends are made through a time of distress, but from a time of growth. Because let's face it, who we are shapes the adults our children will be, insha Allah (english: God willing). I guess what I am trying to say is, you need a friend who is going to make you a better you. Not even the friend that saved your life is guaranteed to make you a better you. Or the friend that was there when the chips were down. In fact, some "friends" who are present during these ordeals, have their own hidden agenda. So hold dear the friends who teach you, help you, and pass no judgement while doing it, for they are the friend with no court room to penalise you. To my friend Jenine Carroll, thanks for all of the times you didn't scream out, "You're doing it all wrong dumby!". It sure was fun.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Circus Act I Didn't Sign Up For

All my life I have admited to not being able to juggle; I don't know if I should consider myself a liar or being truthful. I took on multiple tasks when I made the decision to have children, and I try my best to fulfill the needs of all of them. But I am beginning to see the juggling pins fall on my head. (I was going to write balls, but I could not have anyone picturing balls falling on my head) Though i must say, that in this juggling act, I have been known to amazingly scoop things from the floor that fell. Ha! Take that Cirque! I can also do a balancing act you wouldn't believe. Ta-Da, one baby on my head, and kid on my right arm, and a big kid on my left arm! All while walking a strand of thread. Sorry folks no refunds, I made no promises, and claimed no training. But what I can guarantee, is pure comedy and flavor on a dish served hot. So let the side show begin, hurry-hurry step right on in. (Yeah it was another wild day, I've officially lost my mind. When I get it'll know.) Feed the pets!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

If At First You Don't Succeed, Why,Why, Again?

I'm going out on a limb here, but I am going to attempt to finally be a grown up. "Amazing!", I know, I had a great talk with my son's therapist, and I am begining to think it may be working for me also. I even felt a little guilty at the end of the conversation, that I may be stealing her away from him. Hey, what can I say, she's great to talk to. So far what I've realised is: A) I need to slow down and take things step by step. B) Organise; every part of my life could seriously use this. C) Don't bite off more than I can chew. and finally D) Procrastination leads to constipation. (Ok not literally, but when things get jammed up, it's pretty hard to recover after that). So welcome to my new "to do" list. It's nice and simple just like we talked about. Feeling good a little.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Two Halves Of My Brain

If the world were a super market, I would be that kid in the cereal aisle, kicking and screaming that I want "that" cereal. I am at odds with myself lately, and I'm not too sure I like myself right now. Sure I had a burst of creative energy, but when things slow down and you wake up from the coma, you realize you are the only one really buying this crap. I am really starting to wonder if Yummy Cute is meant to be a hobby. I've got great ideas, and they don't seem to be coming out fast enough. I've even notice the blog counter going up, but no one's interested enough to even comment. My quirky personality got me no where, and worse yet, i really thought the clothes would really reach a lot of people and they would like it. Silly me. Please feed the blog pets. :-(

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