Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tragedy or Psycosis?

Of course as a mother my heart aches upon hearing about the death of a child, but there is the case of little 6 year old Camden Pierce Hughs. The internet has been lit a fire about this beautiful little boy, and his murder. I have found confusing information, that it was an accident of too much cough syrup, but if so, then why wasn't he taken to a hospital? I personally feel, that even if this terrible occurrence was in fact an accident, a mother would never desecrate her child's body in the likes. This scenario does not sit well with me; it's cold and has so much of the mother distancing herself emotionally from the child. It's like late postpartum depression at it's sickest.
There are mothers who have done the unthinkable, but this is usually the work of a madman. Mothers don't wrap their children in blankets, on an open road, to be devoured by beasts and exposed to the elements. Dead or alive, we would rather see our babies gently placed in the earth, and covered. My point is, this is so "unmotherly like", it's even inhuman. What have we become? Why is it, that I practically have a heart attack if my kid gets a splinter and they could kill theirs? What chemicals are these women missing? There are those of us walking around with low serotonin levels, and still we have a fight in us that is specifically for our children.
Oh Camden, my heart aches for you honey. Not because I have a son your age, but because the one person who was suppose to protect you from the boogey man, was the boogey man. Your natural trust,left you naturally vulnerable, and a true innocent you were. I only pray that I will meet you in paradise, insha Allah. (If God wills it) Ameen

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