Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Back to our regularly scheduled program: So far, I have been explained to by my son's Psychologist, that he has PDD. As I understand, this is in between Aspergers syndrome and high functioning Autism. Why are there so many different names for Autism? I am so confused right now, as I feel my son has been acknowledged as having a developmental delay, but he's still a mystery. I don't even know where to go to for support, there are Aspie web groups, Autism web groups and in huge numbers. Where are the PDD web groups?

Ok, I'm just bitter. I'm venting again on my blog. SMH Al-humdulillah, (All praises to God) He is healthy and intelligent, so I am going to have faith that we are going to beat this thing, Insha Allah (God willing). Please feed the blog pets!

P.S. Holly the Hamster is Allergic to peanuts. Please don't feed the Hamster peanuts, Thanks!

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