Thursday, May 19, 2011

"Terrible,Horrible,No Good, Very Bad Day"

That's right, you read correctly. The day started off bad; I log on to my sons homeschooling website and check the mail to discover horror. The E-mail was from our family support coordinator informing me of my "neglect". There were two days that I forgot to log-on to the site, but we had school anyway. My other two sons had appointments and my homeschooling son had an appointment with his psychologist. All-in-all, she has the mentality of, "It's your problem, not mines so I don't truly care". I realized in the same conversation that I had forgotten to call the dentist office to let them know that they sent the bill to the school, instead of the school form. It is the end Of the school year and I feel that I have failed miserably.
On a good note, his virtual teacher explained to me, that first year parents usually have a hard time. This was reassuring and uplifting. It made me feel like supermom again. I got my terry cloth towel and tied it around my neck; turned the fan on, and let it flap in the wind. (Yeah, I've got a pretty strong fan) Don't forget to feed the fish!

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