Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Coupon Hunter (Crikey!)

Hello world I am on the hunt for coupons, and deals. Just so you know, I have won a cruise, a $100 gift certificate, a mail in $1,000 grocery gift certificate, (Al-Humdulillah) and of course I have entered some sweep stakes. So yes, I have been busy, but it's for a good cause. Now I know a lot of professional bloggers will consider everything I'm finding out as old news, but hey I'm new.

Hunting for bargains are great for the kids also, by participating in a lot of these surveys and offers, there have been some really sweet deals on toys and clothes. Of course, I am not sure about some,as I am still waiting on a response from them; and others, I am waiting for my reward. So when it all comes together, insha Allah, I may have a lot of adventures to write about.

So here are some: (for about $25.00 a month, the savings are well worth it); (Yes, it's another survey site, but they don't want any money, just a lot of patience); (Who doesn't want a few coupons?); (I find using different coupon sites in the end really pay off); (It's like putting a magnifying glass to the free section of craigslist.); (Second verse, same as first); Well, that's what I've got for now!

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