Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Another One Bites The Dust

In the midst of chaos, I have possibly lost yet another brain cell today. The heat of the weather made things oh so "fun". (sarcasm)The day started off with the average screams and whining of a mid 19th century insane asylum. I stumbled out of bed as I heard my 5 year old pacing and humming, which was my cue that he had to go to the bathroom. As i walked partially blind down the hall from not fully being awake, I had to appreciate the fact that it wasn't 4 o'clock in the morning. Al-humdulillah. :-D He squirmed all the way to the bathroom and danced until he sat on the toilet.

Although this process may seem strange to some folks, but my son has quirks about going to the bathroom alone. It's not always an issue, there are times he actually braves the trip to the bathroom alone, and then normally he just won't do it. I have seen him wet himself out of not wanting to go to the bathroom. So consider "The Case Of The Bathroom Quirk", unsolved.

While standing sleepily at the bathroom door, a 3 year old whines and screeches for me to pick him up and take him where there is food. Vocabulary is limited, so I make out "juice juice" and "eat eat" and head for the kitchen. The screeching side tracked me from my bathroom frightened son, and i realized he was running down the hall with his briefs on backwards. (I didn't switch them; I won't lie. I was happy the kid remembered to put them back on this time.) Upon entering the kitchen, I found a "looter".

"Mom, I'll make my own cereal", hearing this sent mixed emotions through my head. "Why?" you ask, because this is coming from my first born, loving son. The man is a master at mind games. I don't know if I should be happy because here is an independent kid finally in the house,or look at it as a future topic while on a visit to my mothers house. "Mommy wouldn't make my cereal so I made it all by myself." Yet the tone in his voice said, "Gosh I'll make it since your too zombified to do anything meaningful". I'm definitly leaning towards the latter.

Needless to say, it was rocky; and I don't mean Sylvester Stallone came in and saved the day. Oh no, I felt like the victim of a forced Trepanning, and everyone got a turn to take pokes at my brain. I survived because prayer works.

After getting through breakfast, I marched the children into the bathroom for a thorough brushing. My 6 year old "senior citizen", once again announced his independence and brushed his own teeth. The 5 year old just kind of moaned and groaned the whole time, and my three year old had to practically be put into a body lock. (I survived teeth brushing because I had a will to live.)

By now it is time for school, and because I don't want the older children distracted, I send my 3 year old into the bedroom to watch a movie. We started school wonderfully; everything fell into place. I had almost convinced myself that not only was I a super mom, I was THE supermom. The empowering moment came to a halt when my 3 year old found it hilarious to interrupt school time. But on this particular day, the older kids didn't find it funny. So what does my ingenious 6 year old do? He takes his little brother back to the bedroom and closes the door. I was so proud of him, I felt he had just saved the day. My smile soon faded when he proudly declared, "Yes mommy, I locked Meatball in the room!". With this discovery, I remembered I had no idea where the skeleton keys was to open it. On cue, my 3 year old begins screaming,crying, and kicking the door. By now the events of the morning had left me strangely calm, and I don't know who I am anymore. Finally the skeleton key was found after an eternity, (30 minutes), and we returned to our regularly scheduled program. Only to later find out that our regularly scheduled program doesn't start until tomorrow. Yes, you read it right, school on an off day.

I survived because....I'm taller than they are. (For now)

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