Saturday, March 24, 2012

Who Are We Now?

I have to say, not only am I awe struck at the incident involving Trayvon Martin, I am disgusted at some comments that I see on yahoo and the likes. What on earth is wrong with us in the U.S.? What have we become? Even more scary, how long have we been filled with rage since the END of segregation? To think that we have gone around blowing countries to smitherines, telling people how to run their country and treating them uncivilized; it is now time for America to take a long hard look at it's self. We need to clean our own back yard!! Who the heck do we think we are! How dare we accuse everyone else as being uncivil,and we can clearly act like a bunch of animals. I challenge our government to publicly compare the U.S. murder rate to the countries they have deemed unfit. And let's see what gives us the right to judge. Between this Trayvon Martin incident and our little Afghanistan stunt, we are looking like a bunch of baby killers!

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