Thursday, March 15, 2012

That Burning Sensation

I would just like to start off by apologizing for my absence...."Sorry". Ok, so now that the tough part is out of the way, I would like to continue on blogging like the neglect never happened, insha Allah. Getting YummyCute ClothingLine started proved tough on my already fragile emotions. I can honestly say that there has been literal blood, sweat and tears going into starting a business. Suddenly this overwhelming feeling of wanting to push myself took over, and before I knew it, I had a job. Not just any job you see, I work for myself. That feels pretty good too, masha Allah. Sure, sometimes the personality of a perfectionist takes over, but thats fine; good quality work is what takes businesses a long way. I honestly have to give a few shout outs here too, because along with to start my own business, I've had huge support Al-humdulillah. Thank you mom, you've stuck through one crazy idea after another LOL; mom June your support is so cherished, you always give me your honest opinion and always willingly give advice, thanks mom June; cousin Jamillah, with enough yelling and screaming at me to get myself together and go for it, I went for it LOL; Hanifa Cesar, Krystal Poynter & Umme Zahid, my first customers who were so patient that I pray to our Lord everyday that he rewards you all so greatly, ameen; Aunt Delores and Aunt Shirley you too continue to push a crazy lady on, that only has convinced me that you all truly believe in me, Thank you so very much. If anyone reads this, and I have forgotten you, please let me know, I would never forget someone on purpose. Now! On to what I have been so busy doing: sewing like a mad woman! In fact, 1 Of 3 things happened last night: 1) Lack of sleep is taking it's toll. 2) I've completely gone insane (Hubby says I can't go some place I'm alright at :-P) or 3) My sewing machine caught fire. I've been smelling a burning scent for about a week every now and again while sewing. Last night I finally jumped up like a mad woman and screamed, "Ya Allah! Something on this thing is on fire!". It could have been the absence of smoke, or my childrens understanding that their mother loss some of her marbles long ago, but no one panicked. I've done surgery (taken her apart) and cleaned her out good, what on earth is burning. Ha! I guess I'm too much for the machine! Up all night, wake up early in the morning, MI VIDA LOCA!

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