Saturday, March 17, 2012

Date Night!

Insha Allah,if you have been keeping up with my facebook profile, you will know that two lovely gentlemen took me out on a date. They were the sweetest, most gentlest men I have ever met. Right up until dessert; some how they each caught a sugar rush that was very unexpected. Yes folks I am talking about kidnapper 1 and 2. Three was being babysat by the hubbby just upstairs. Our evening started out so simple, we arrived at Juan Carlos Fine Cusine restaurant a bit early; I made sure to explain that we had arrived earlier than our reservations because the boys had kung fu class. No problem. We were seated and I was so overjoyed that the boys had inherited some of my charming table etiquette in keeping their elbows off of the table, chewing with their mouths closed, and even showing me how the fork and the knife is held during cutting. Was I impressed, absolutely; proud even. I invisioned bragging to family and friends, and even beamed about how the waitresses gushed over their refined behavior. And then dessert came; a pleasant cup of ice cream and whipped cream. So simple yet delicious, it was the perfect ending to a beautiful/wonderful dinner. First, my oldest son whom showed so much potential for male finishing school, got the giggles. Something and everything tickled him pink suddenly, and his brother wasn't far behind. They broke out into laughs, and out of no where began to want to salsa; and then they did get up and salsa! He then declared he wanted to salsa for the waitress. Now in the back of your mind, you've probably thought I sat quietly and let the poor boys run rampant in the restaurant, (which I should probably add, is pretty upscale), but no I commanded them to sit down and just continue to enjoy their ice cream. Idiot! How stupid of me not to realize it was the ice cream, when a few years back, my second born had a major sugar rush. It went on until I finally explained to the waitress what was happening. She thought it was just the cutest thing, and they yolked it all up. They began to become cheeky, and before I knew it, I was praying for the check. It came, I paid, we got the heck out of their, spilling on to the side walk. Oh great, we're up for kung fu class. Going straight from the restaurant, down the street, to the kung fu dojo, the boys ran the whole time, and burst through the door. Their were some kids having a good time bouncing happily on a trampoline,and then these guys showed up screaming and running around the whole gym. We got through Kung fu, and went home. We went through our evening routine, and now I shall pass out into a very short coma! Good night!

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