Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Special Thanks

I need to sincerely thank my hubby. You've become so much apart of me, losing you would be like losing one of my senses. I'm so lonely when you're not around, and I feel so blessed to have you. Our fairytale beginning turned out to not have an ending, Al-humdulillah, insha Allah that means our story will continue for all eternity. Although we are weary travelers on the road to Jannah, the reward is too great to turn around and the adventurer in us say's: "Go for it!". Your my best friend because you are the best at reminding me of the straight path and push me to continue to do whats right. When I want to cry, when I want to shout, and even when I want to have a mini nervous break down, you give me that time to be an absolutely insane woman. Thank you so much for witnessing my hard times, when others have only heard. I appreciate your patience, your ability to be just as crazy as I am. And most of all, when I asked if we could put a slide in on the second set of stairs at the house, you looked at me with an unjudging look and said, "Insha Allah, sure." LOL
I love you honey, thanks for being you so I can actually and finally be me in my hardest and best days.

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