Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I Want America Back!!!

As a person with lineage that reaches as far back as the Cherokee Native Americans , I feel even more embarrassed by the actions of the hate crimes commited towards muslims. I was raised and bred to believe that WE (as Americans) had the answers for the correct way to live after a history of bloodshed. I am now seeing that we are just better at concealing injustice. That is a far more frightful thing to know. When ever I read comments on most sites, it is much more depressing than the news itself. So to all of you who hate muslims, lets start stating facts: Muslims have been here centuries before 9/11 and have grown in numbers since then, even your own people; why don't you start living by the very things you claimed made you better than every other country. You have baited people to this country with your claims of hospitality, and have tortured those who believe in you enough to have come here. The worse trick the devil ever played, was trying to convince the world he doesn't exist.

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