Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Enjoy The Little Things

Once you have been "kidnapped" by children like I have, you have to seize every moment to have a little pleasure. So, earlier today I stole a moment; while at the store buying a few groceries I bought a Dr. Pepper and a Hershy's with almonds. Dun, dun,duuuuuuun. I was naughty; and I liked it. I sat in front of my door and slowly enjoyed both the drink and the candy bar. When finished, I walked through the door as though I had a dirty secret, and there was nothing my captors could do about it. (cue the evil laugh) AH HA HA HA!
After my shenanigans, I cooked burgers and fries and made sure everyone ate, masha Allah. Not bad,mash Allah, although the burgers and the fries tasted as though I was involved in a violent earthquake while seasoning. Subhanullah, I haven't had anything that salty since pumpkin seeds as a kid. Either way, we all ate and "enjoyed".
Even my oldest son (your typical food critic), said nothing.
The rest of our evening has run pretty smooth, and I am feeling a bit of writers block coming on. But this is a blog so it doesn't matter, no one reads this anyway. *sniff sniff* Insha Allah, someday I'll be a cool blogger with a bunch of followers.

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