Monday, October 25, 2010

My Mind Is Mines Nomore

I am a procrastinator; and although the word reminds me of a futuristic movie involving Arnold Schwarzenegger, I know all too well what it really is. It is the essence of irresponsibleness and self loathing.Ya Allah, I am having that feeling of being one of the kids again and wishing there were parents we were waiting on to come home. But no one else is coming home, I'm in charge here. Until I can find a head of household, I have two jobs to do.

My boy started homeschooling, masha Allah, and now I have taken on a third role. (What a Genius I am, right?) Al-humdulillah, it's been going better than I thought. It is absolutely through the grace and mercy of Allah(SWT), that I can get through another day. The only challenge I am facing right now, is how to preoccupy a 2 year old. It's unfortunate really, my 5 year old doesn't concentrate as he should. Neither have I for that matter, I'm on autopilot again and I'm more clumsy than usual. All in good time, insha Allah, all in good time. (Writers block yet again; please don't forget to feed the fish.)

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