Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Taking the plunge

I thought things over; and over; and over, and I think I will try the home schooling. It could be out of pure laziness that I was completely loathing the idea. I guess it was more fun to play school than to actually be held accountable for my five year old's education. Strangely I've been doing it all along thus far, so why am I so nervous? I've worked really hard on a "school area" that took a few years to "accumulate", that is pretty cool if I must say so myself. Sure my desk isn't always the most organized, but I think it shows character. (Of course this is just to make me feel better. ;-) )
So I applied for Abdur-Rahman to began home school; my discomfort of the fact that he has developmental delays has been eased by the fact the home program I chose has special education and what appears to be a good support team. Rather continuing on with my arduous self loathing of wanting "me" time, insha allah, I am going to embrace the moment and do what obviously comes natural to me.

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