Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Killing me and making me stronger

So, I have come to a conclusion concerning family; you have to get use to the thought that your just related to them. Although, I'll admit , it is some what difficult to reprogram yourself to become numb of a mere thought of them. But, in the end, you can't break the ties of kinship. My epiphany drew me to a better understanding of the perks of living a good distance from them.(Although some days it doesn't feel far enough.)
I was born in Philadelphia,PA and decided when I began having children, that the first chance I get, I would move away. In doing so, I was afraid, insecure, and on edge. The naked feeling of, "Anything could go wrong and I'm all alone", constantly ran through my head. But it's been done before right?
The point is, I am all alone, and what I haven't realized is that I have been alone for a long time. When you sit back and think about your worst fears,there is an amazing realization that you've more than likely conquered all, if not, most of them. If there are any you may have bottled up, then just think about the fact that nothing lasts forever. Take comfort in knowing, that just like your 2 week vacation you highly anticipated that flew by all too soon, will be the same outcome for your problems.

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