Thursday, June 3, 2010


I've been running across quite a few blogs and videos on "unschooling", and I must admit that while there are plenty of "educated" ignorant people in the world, I am afraid to imagine if this trend began to rise in numbers. These children who are raised in these environments are taught that they can make decisions and basically be their own boss, in which I feel can only make their transition into adulthood a possible culture-shock. If I am raised to believe I can do what I want, there are no consequences, and no understanding, than how can I be comfortable with following laws, and rules of society as an adult?
Structure is made for safety, and with taking away structure you are taking away safety in a sense. I was raised with the notion of what we want is not always what we need, and in that aspect of the topic, how can any uneducated person particularly KNOW what they need? It's the same way with drop-outs, and kids who play hooky, the damage is not understood until later on in life, when eventually they have to learn things they could have learned long ago and made their work easier for themselves. Take this from being a habitual procrastinator who drifted through the first quarters of the semester and had to crunch through the last quarter.
There in lies my problem with the term "unschool". The children who are being unschooled, will eventually be re-schooled, as I am finding in a lot of these blogs and websites the children grow up to want to go to college or some sort of technical school. My closes family members and friends have had bouts of stress filled days and anxiety over exams and essays,etc., and these are folks who have gone to school their whole lives. I can only imagine the difficulty of being "thrown" into a curriculum they have not had extensive study in. This is what I mean by culture shock, going from one extreme to another.
I do not understand the parents of the children quite well either. Are they actually ok with possibly having to take care of these children for the rest of their lives?? It's kind of a double edge blade, though the children are learning about responsibility, in no way are they being taught reality. They are basically being taught that what ever they have interest in, they can just "wing it" until they figure it out. This can have sometimes dangerous consequences, as the world is not as understanding as mom and dad.
I too want my children to learn from experience, but I also want them to learn structure. I want them to understand respect for rules and regulations, with freedom there comes great adversity in the end. I also have a problem with freedom to make choices, for the simple fact that my children break things with some of their behavior. ;-) I have three boys who likes to climb on anything worth climbing, no matter the value. Am I wrong for setting rules to not climb on these things, or take things apart? Well call me crazy but I like what little I have and I like what sanity I still have left.

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