Sunday, June 28, 2009

"How Clean Is Your House?"

Lately I have been watching a tv show on the BBC network. "How Clean Is Your House?", and I must say I truly enjoy it. Ironically it gives me the "umph" I need to run after my children and pick up through the day. Normally, I'd clean after they're in bed, but that wasn't really working out too well. Some nights I'd pass out from exhaustion, and would save the mess for the next day. But that would only give me more work to do. My oldest son, although 4 years old, thinks it's OK to toss things when he's done with them. The weird thing about it is he doesn't litter outside.
The show consists 2 cleaning ladies and their cleaning crew. They visit the most filthy houses, some in England and some in America, and they analyze the mess. After giving the residence a good talking to, (and I mean a VERY good talking to) they then show them different home made cleaning tricks and help them with creating a schedule for themselves.
"Clean House" is a pretty good show, but this show really gets down to the nitty gritty. I'm not very good with names, but the brunette tells everyone about the little germy's lurking around the house where mold or bacteria may be growing. Yes, this is the good stuff. If only they had an episode on how to keep a clean house with toddlers. (3 to be exact) Their a job in themselves, and juggling feeding them and cleaning up after them is enough to cause a person to consider taking speed. Hmm; I wonder....
Anyhow, I have been really proud of myself lately. I've been trying to keep up with a schedule. You see, I have to pray 5 times a day; so what I have done is have a set of chores for each prayer. Well, the morning prayer doesn't have a chore to it yet. But I'm working on it!! It's coming along. Just last night I found myself cleaning a turtle tank at 11:45pm. I was going to wait until today, but judging by the "sweet" children I have, it would have been a headache. It really needed cleaning, I think I'm going to start feeding him in another area. His food is really causing the water to become putrid. Kind of reminds me of my sons diaper. I think I'll clean the take at night all of the time. It went so fast last night. I wouldn't say smoothly, but definitely fast. "Mr. Turtle" and I had binding time and he seemed happy to have new water.
The boys love "Mr. Turtle". Pretty cool pet to have too. I had the same turtle when I was a teenager. I liked it a lot, and it some what taught me responsibility, so I figured the boys would benefit greatly with having a pet. The way their faces light up during feeding time is priceless. They feel like they are doing something major, and you know what, they are. My little men. My 17 month old likes to climb up on the reading chair next to the bookshelf and peer in the tank. He gets really excited when "Mr. Turtle" starts splashing and eating. When "Mr. Turtle" comes close to the glass, he gets a little startled and takes his hand off of the tank. Someday he'll figure out the turtle can't get to him. Aah, the innocence of childhood.
Well, gotta go. Motherhood calls!!

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