Sunday, June 21, 2009

First Entry

Hi there. I guess a proper introduction is in order since I have no idea what the password is to my old blog. It was heart breaking to have to start a new one. Well there is loads to blog about so, I guess it goes with the old saying, "Things happen for a reason." There is a lot more to write about now.
As a single mother of three boys, life sure has gotten interesting. This is definitely one situation my laid back personality and humorous wit can not help me. Just when I think I have a handle on things; my 4 year old, 3 year old, and 17 month old will kindly make me feel as though I am one of the children. Kind of a "who is in more control of this situation than who?", type of thing.
Oh sure, we tell ourselves as adults,"I am in control; I will not let this toddler make me upset; lose my voice; cause me hair loss; make me wake in the middle of the night, thinking I heard a toddler crying; put the remote to my ear and try to change the channel with my phone....ect.", but time and time again, we are surprised with every new attempt of our children "exploring" life. All the while, we are being driven crazy by someone with a license to do so.
I must say I have grown to love it. So much so, I have converted part of the living room into a classroom; class pet turtle and all. My children are actually in a Headstart program, but why stop there I aways say. Home school doesn't necessarily have to mean fully home schooled right? I can go to the same websites that teachers and full time home schoolers go to, and make learning fun. For the past school year I have been trying to dedicate my time to "getting my hands dirty". Meaning, if the kids get the urge to have a giggling fit, I join in. Wrestling matches have never been more fun.
Communication has definitely become a strong asset to our household. I've tried talking more in a stern, no nonsense, type of voice to help them understand that there is a difference between play time and serious time, and a time and place for certain actions.It's never too early to learn about boundaries. My children can typically tell when I am displeased with them, so here are the signs that someone is about to go on a 4,3, or 1 minute "vacation": 1) The look. This is letting them know I am not happy. 2) I verbally enforce the order. and 3) Sent on a little vacation to a place called time out.
Why so many steps? Because now I don't have to suffer the "mommy guilt". I gave enough warning that I was not pleased with what was going on, so I don't feel I've over reacted. Depending on the severity of what was going on. If there is something dangerous happening, I may need to yell or a generous pop on the back of the hand, will send the message that the act was definitely unacceptable.
Well; that's my appetizer for more entries to come. I invite any guest to come along with me on this wild ride. It is most certainly fun and rarely boring. Even during the darkest hours of a bad economy, and feelings of doubt, memories can still be made. So here's to parents and the little balls of energy that follow us all.

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