Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"Give him a rope, and he turns into a cowboy"

My sweet, loving 4 year old son. The apple of my eye, the man of the house. There was a time we thought he couldn't talk at all. He is now talking, with a noticeable speech impediment. Though he is understood half of the time, I am beginning to hear some things I am truly not appreciating.It started with: "This is my house!" Ok, fine. This is your "Home", but mommy pays the cost to be the boss. But things have been getting out of hand, and again he is understood half of the time.The latest has been: "What is he doing here, why is he in the kitchen?" or "That's it, I'm not talking to you, I'm upset; you're not listening." He says this as he is stone faced, arms crossed, and legs crossed on the couch. I asked him to help me out by cleaning up yesterday and he said: " I don't want to clean up, you clean up." Today I said: "Mommy is tired.", his reply: ''Your always tired.... I'm tired too."
I'm not sure If I should be alarmed by his "male ego" side raring it's ugly head at such an early age. I pictured my boys being gentlemen but firm. Of course I would like for them to be the kind of men who are gentle giants in their households. He is expressing himself a little more than he use to. From what I can understand, he's gaining his own personality.No problem with that, he's just trying to find himself. I will be happy when he finds out I'm in charge.
My three year old is on an eating strike. He's only eating meat. I don't know where this comes from or what it means, but I'm going to have to load up on Pediasure. It's hard enough on a parent to wonder if they are receiving enough nutrient's when children actually eat some of the other groups of food on the food pyramid. He never really was a 'big' boy. It was hard to believe he was a breastfed baby. From what I've been told and what I've seen, they are usually rather healthy looking.
My seventeen month old has no problem with eating, talking back, or breaking furniture, (like my four year old). My sweet baby tries to sweep the floor, voluntarily gives me hugs and kisses, and likes to cuddle with mommy. But! He's a little terror when his brothers are around. Climbing on things and fighting, with a huge smile on his face all the while. when it comes to the three boys together, he rules the nest. Atleast in his eyes.

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