Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Little Babies

Well; I skipped a day of entry. Not that I didn't WANT to make my blog interesting, but due to medical reasons, I was just flat out too worn out to write. My 3 year old and 17month old have been severely burned by theirs pull-ups. "By their pull-ups, are you insane?!" No, not in this department. I'm guessing due to a shipping accident, a chemical was spilled on the package which in turn seeped onto the pull-ups. My 17 month old was more burned than my 3year old. My 3 year old only has to wear pull-ups at night so the burns only reached his buttocks. My 17 month old on the other hand, has burns reaching from his buttocks to his side, around the front, on his penis and testicles. He now has new skin growing and the dead skin is falling off in chunks. He's starting to come around, but since I thought he only had a diaper rash, I didn't know that for the past bit of days he was withdrawn because of chemical burning.
He was taken to the doctors today, and the doctor said it was the worse incident of a diaper causing injury. I am more so in shock at the sight of it. I know things LOOK worse as they get better, But I've got to tell ya, I am pretty ticked off. My mind is cluttered with everyday things, including up-coming appointments and events. Where are the TV shows for the single parents? I know the public are amazed about multiple births and things; but I say going at it alone is a tough job too. Why isn't anyone amazed by that? Is it done so often that it's not considered a major feat? I don't know, not having a good day that's for sure. So here is how I feel (in blog terms): Blah,Blah,Blah,Blah....

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