Thursday, December 15, 2011

Who Am I?

I woke up this morning feeling completely lost. My day started to screams in the hallway, of daily bickering. "Stop Fatboy! Momma!Momma!" (Other kid) "Shut up!". In my moment of trying to be awake, and take advantage of some unbothered time, I've realized: you just can't fake sleeping. The boys could have cared less if I were awake, in a coma, or road kill in the a.m.. It's either I better get up, or send out an S.O.S. for someone else to take the wheel. I broke out into a rage about the house not being what it use to be, and how I've completely lost it. Called up my Doc. and made an appointment to be seen on Tuesday. I rambled on partially incoherently about things I don't even remember right now, and while this is going on the boys are scattering like mad. Every thought completely annoyed me; like the fact that my cell phone has been missing around the house for a week now. It died while missing so there is no use calling it. The kids didn't like dinner tonight, and I didn't care; and telling them how fortunate they are didn't work, and I still didn't care. I'm on to their little plan: protest dinner and then I'll have child services to worry about. Well no sir you won't! I'll bribe,beg, and even disguise for you to eat those veggies! One little 7 year old ingrate protested, and when I told him he had no choice he said, "But mom, I'm completely broke!". Ya Allah! It is a cesspool of corruption in this house! Is there anyone in here on the straight and narrow, who doesn't bribe? I admit, I promise them things over a clean room, or finished school work, but I consider these rewards. Why in the world is my 7 year old trying to bribe me with cash for veggies? It's like a nightmare of some scene where he's slipping a crisp 1 dollar greenback under the table for some goods. Argh! What have we become! I'm so confused right now, I don't know whether to give rewards or make them do things on account of just because I said so. Kidnappers:10 Mom:5

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