Monday, December 12, 2011

An Almost Forgotten Entry

On Dec. 1st, my eldest son turned 7 years old, so on the night of Nov. 30th I decided to explain to him he would be turning another year. Here is our conversation, in detail: Me: "Insha Allah son tomorrow you will be turning another year older. Insha Allah you'll be 7!" My son: "Tomorrow!" Me: "Insha Allah, yes!" My son: "I'll be 7?!" Me: "Insha Allah, yes!" My son: "I'm getting married!" Me: "Ye....wha....No! Turning 7 is a really big step, because it means you're older and you can make some decisions for yourself. When you're much older, and you have a job, you can find a wife and take care of your family." My son: "Oh." So the next morning, as I stared at my ceiling from bed, trying to muster the strength to get up, I heard a conversation out in the hall. It went something like this: My oldest son: "Ya know I'm 7 now. I'm about to get married, and have some kids, so I've got to find a job so I can take care of my family." My second son: "Oh." Ever since this day my oldest feels a strong urge to bark orders, and have been a bit more prideful. Insha Allah, the next time anyone meets any age milestones I will have to have an in depth conversation. Maybe something along the lines of; "Now you can get your own food when we go to the buffet."

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