Wednesday, December 14, 2011

One Fish, Two Fish, Dead Fish, Dead Turtle

Pardon if I am in the middle of a rant, but I bought my sons three fish today. They are a fish, a fish, and a fish (For lack of remembering their proper names), and the whole drive home I worried if our turtle Habil would like them. I didn't know that I should have been more concerned with tiny humans, who have an interesting way of showing they care. I would ponder on thoughts such as, "What was he thinking?", but that's exactly what he wants me to do. The diabolical mind games of these kids never cease. After coming and introducing pets to one another, "Turtle, fish; fish, turtle", I got a kick out of watching so much activity going on, that I stood there for a while smiling. Habil finally has friends to play with! Well it turns out that I am NOT the only one the kids are trying to kill in this house. I'd finished up some projects, shipped off an order, and closed a deal, when suddenly I found a mess in the kitchen. I yelled for my oldest to clean it up that instant, then told him to go to his room. While giving him a lecture of a life time, my eyes shifted suddenly to a tank that looked as though it were filled with pink water. To my horror, someone had dumped the whole bottle of fish food in! In a rage I threatend the kids with no toys, no t.v., no dessert, no reward stickers, no shoes, no shirt, no service. Yeah, I was that angry. Saying "no" just felt that good at the time. I still have a few "No's" up my sleeve, it just kind of comes out when they ask for things. LOL, what a rant. ‘Qadr Allahu wa Masha Fa’al’ (Allah has decreed it and what He willed has happened) Oh the emotional woman I am.

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