Monday, December 12, 2011

Worshipping Through Decor

The urge to redecorate has hit me, so I am on the hunt for more beneficial home decor. For a long time I have loved the whole natural look; plants, fruit, veggies, a nice coffee motif etc. Just natural things that represent me, with colors that are calming. Although these things represent how I like to relax, it does not represent how I worship.Insha Allah, this is about to change, I've been on the internet ordering and searching, and I feel moved already before anything gets here insha Allah. Out of everything, there is a piece of wall art that has the 99 attributes of Allah (SWT) on it. I think I love it so much, (besides the fact that the 99 attributes of my lord are on it) because there is not a lot going on in the art. It's sophisticatedly fashioned with the attributes hand written on the leather like material. I think it's just beautiful.Of course on my quest to redecorate, insha Allah, I will post more gems that I find along the net, and of course I am always open to ideas.

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