Sunday, May 30, 2010

Playing Tag With My Thoughts

Yesterday was a day of defeat.I had a headache so bad, I could have surely accused the children of being "Scanners". It was the kind of Migraine that makes you ask your oldest child, "Hey sweety, are you sure you remember how to dial 911?".Of course you are not trying to cause any panic, but it's just one of those headaches. It's amazing how mothers,(some mothers), can work on autopilot under almost any distress. Along with my humongous headache, came a side order of coughing and runny nose from my 2 year old. I have the ability to look at our ailments as "germy" little enemies invading our bodies. It's trippy that my kids enjoy taking medicine, they want to fight off the germs and get better. Isn't it amazing that if you tell them the true story of what's going on with their body, and use a little imagination, that they can be so accepting?
Needless to say, my little sick "Captor" is still holding me hostage.There are now pauses for him to cough when he's babbling in his baby talk. My 5 year old has reached an all time high in his arrogant phase.The phrases, "I've made my mind up" and "You have to clean my room, you clean the living room." has had a belittling affect on me.I would ask him who does he think he is, in my indignant adult voice, but I know from experience he'll only tell me exactly who he is. Makes you wonder if it's childhood innocence, or plain sarcasm. What ever the reason is, I can only appreciate my sons intelligence. Although used against me at times, I can really feel his hunger to consume as much knowledge as he possibly can. You have the kids who ask the "why" questions, and then you have the kids who take things upon themselves to research the "why". That's my boy; the kid who was blessed with not only book smarts, but street smarts. How did this come about, I'll never know.I some how don't think it is meant for me to know.

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