Monday, May 31, 2010

A Conspiracy Of Mutiny

There are foul dealings afoot. The two angry, short gentlemen in my house, have been plotting and planning. Of course you may consider me to be a raging lunatic by the accusations, but you would only be partially right. I have a snaking suspicion that my children are planning something big; my tape is missing and my 5 year old is a little too interested in my tape measure. I should also mention that I was double teamed mercilessly today, with potty training accidents and "the snack cabinet thief". You can only imagine the shear signs of amusement on their faces, as mommy completely lost her motherly decorum.
Either the mental trauma was too overwhelming, or my equilibrium was off when I tried to answer the remote and change the channel with the phone. Yes; it's been one of those days. The kind of day when you're expecting a "grown up" to come in and take over, and you can go back to the days you went to your room and buried your face in a good book. It's scary at times to know that there is no mommy and daddy to run to with these responsibilities. You have to fix every problem, mend whats broken, and make boo-boos feel better, all the while, your belongings are being broken, your problems go unfixed, and your boo-boos make you limp, but you press on.
As they conspire to raid the snack cabinet, and urinate on your rug, you think to yourself, "These days won't last forever." Because in the back of your mind, you know there will come a time when they won't want to stick around you long enough to do any of those things. Right now you are their interpreter in the world, you give them an understanding of how things work, and even when you don't have an answer, you can change the subject and teach them something else.
So what do you do when it appears to them that others have all of the answers? Well, the only thing to do is hold their hand, and hold it tightly, because it's hard for the others to stare a person that is already being led.If we can keep them in touch with all of their five senses, they will have balance. Let them "see" the beauty in all, "hear" the truth in what is right, "taste" the sweetness of love, "smell" crap from a mile away, and "feel" pain so that they may learn lessons. Pushing your child, in reality, literally means you are pushing them away. (I don't think I need to post the definition of the word push.)
Well blog; I am sleepy, and I should probably rest up, this bird never catches the worm. So I better go so I can catch my 5 year old "snack cabinet bandit" ;-D

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