Monday, May 31, 2010

Drowning In A Potty

Out of the hardest challenges I have had so far; potty training happens to be my nemesis. Before having children, I already had it in my mind that potty training would be the one thing that would test my patience. Give me attitude, give me the silent treatment, but don't give me urine on my beige rug. I make you feel like a big boy, son, and I buy you undies. So why do you stand a mere foot away from your potty and just "go"? I am leaning towards the notion that you never forgave me for those chocolates you wanted earlier that I denied you.
What ever the reason, I am constantly walking around like a hunting blood hound, in search of urine. He's constantly running here and running there, it's like some weird "find the spot" game. As I am writing now, he is trying to inch slowly but surely off of his potty. With being the youngest of the bunch, I would have thought it would be a bit more easier. When potty training began, I was optimistic and completely at ease. I now feel I was being naive. Each child is different in their own right and should not be "expected" to learn any new lessons at a certain rate. Yay me!! My mommy lesson of the day.
On another note, I am due for therapy. I have been putting it off, and being a cheapskate long enough. It is time to go shopping!! "Where are you going?", you may be asking yourself, well I can tell you it's no where extravagant. My therapy can sometimes consist of a very good dollar store, and I'll be content as a swaddled new born babe. Maybe it's a woman thing that most average men just don't get about us.There is a history of complaints from the mens department, saying we take too long to shop. They just don't understand that "special" feeling we get once we lay eyes on those "ON SALE" signs. Most women, even if only subconsciously, want everything. I'm quite sure plenty of us would outwardly deny any allegations, until of course we are faced with an "ON SALE" sign. ;-D Ah, to be a lady!!
So in short, I will not let the potty training monster beat me; I have some therapy to look forward to. Ha! Take that! Mommy-1, Potty training-0

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