Tuesday, November 15, 2011

On A Treadmill With No Results

I'm running constantly, and though it feels like I am on a treadmill, my metaphoric fat isn't going anywhere. I see my destination, and what is put forth in my path, but my body is feeling a little weary lately. Allahu Ailum, (God knows best) things are in order, I am ultimately more blessed by the day, and I know it. So now I just need to make this run count, insha Allah (God willing). I have been blessed with three boys who do things differently than most boys, and sometimes the things they do seem like cruel and unusual punishment, but it's never a dull moment here. Al-humdulillah, (All praises are to God). Most people think that kids/adults on the spectrum "just don't get it", but what if it's us that just don't get it. I broke down my kids lives to it's simplest of forms, and found that the equation matches every single human being. Autistics are not too caught up on what if's and possibly's; things are far more important to that stare them in the face everyday. It makes me question myself and every other "programmed" adult on things that are uncommonly common sense. Like, why are there silent letters? Is it a spy? Why is it in a word in the first place? I found my son becoming very confused with the word "know"; why in the world does "common" knowledge have to make mommy look like a liar!? Ya Allah! (Oh God) The look of absolute discust was in his eyes, like, "Come on lady, you just said that this letter makes a completely different sound, and now you're telling me it can be quiet." Yes son, I failed you because society likes to make things more interesting. Things like this, are hard for them to grasp; if he can't see it and it's not what he was taught, he needs thorough explaining done. I have to say, it's beautiful though. How beautiful is a mind that questions everything and hold dear to the answers it's given. A brain that works off of logical proof and understands what's right. I guess you can call me a spectrum fan. In fact, you can call me the spectrums #1 fan. Please enjoy the rest of the blog, and don't be shy to check out other entries; and please feed the blog pets. Right side, scroll down a bit.->->

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