Saturday, November 12, 2011

Oh The Insanity!

I have no idea where the medical community is heading. I got a call from my mother, letting me know that one of the lovely LPN at the doctors office I attended as a child, remembered me. She told my mother that it would be a great idea if I and the children would come by to see her. While leaving, my mother ran into my old pediatrician, and the meeting wasn't nice. She informs him that the sweet LPN wanted to see us, he unprofessionally says, " Oh no! No,no. Last time she was here she didn't have control of her children." His idea of no control, is because my AUTISTIC sons (2) were stimming and ran away from over stimulation. In my defenses, my mother says, "No, she has very good control over them, and they are doing very well." He rudely says, "Oh so she's matured?" The worse part about this behavior, is that he is considered a medical "professional"; in what way is downing the mother of three Autistic boys, trying to find her way, professional? Another bad factor of this incident, is that the pediatrician hadn't seen myself , nor my children, in about a good 3 almost 4 years. So with that being said, he unprofessionally made an assumption. And this is the man intrusted with, not only the welfare of most of the children in south Philadelphia, Pa, but the dignity and integrity of his patience also. So Dr. Maurice Daniels of south Philadelphia Health Associates, you ought to be ashamed of yourself.

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