Thursday, July 1, 2010

Light's Out!

Ironically I mentioned the other day how humbling it must be to live in "third world" countries, and how I would like to practice living with out luxuries for a day. Well, allah (SWT) decided to give me a little taste of it. I do not have a cell phone at the moment, but thankfully my little sister was visiting and had hers. The outage started approximately 10:00 am, which to me was going ok. The children handled things splendidly, of course most of the morning was spent at the mall to keep the angry midgets busy.
Everything was going fine....until dusk. The shadows cast on the wall cast a series of hallucinations in the minds of the children. (By the way, I should mention we have visitors this week. My 11 year old sister, my companions 6 year old, and my sweet Isma'eel) I will proudly mention that I too became unnerved as my home became a fortress of dark corners, and places that look suspect of a possible break in. But I was brave, I was afraid but I stood firm. (Masha Allah)
Ok, so we ended up in the boys room. I can surely understand why the living arrangements in other countries are a bit small. With no electricity, your home looks even bigger. (Scary for me) Call me paranoid but I don't like the feeling of not knowing what lurks in the dark. Oh how thankful to my Lord I am for my sight, and ask Allah to preserve it with his mercy. Ameen.
We all were bunched in the boys room, with four candles and a steak knife. (Yes, a steak knife) I live in a town where not much happens, but you just never know what may come into a persons mind when security systems are down. Of course this freaked the children out tremendously, but hey, a lady has to do what a lady has to do. I ignored the gut wrenching feeling during trips to the bathroom, and was a little annoyed by the fact that I asked everyone if they had to go when another kid was in there. In true child fashion, as I would sit down to settle in another child frighteningly mentioned they had to go potty.
Approximately 9:30 pm, my electricity was restored, and I still had the shaky feeling it could go back off. It is 10:58 pm and I am still nervous that it will go back out; since it went out for no good apparent reason in the first place. But for now, we'll just hunker down and wait for our next adventure tomorrow. Insha Allah Night night

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